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Building on two decades of experience, Mary Oliva and her associates provide Wealth Protection Advisory to high net worth individuals residing in Latin America. Our unique concierge approach gives our Private and Institutional Clients instant access to world renowned experts, best of breed providers, competitive products and the highest service standards.

In creating this platform, it is our vision to bring creative and simplistic insurance based solutions to a highly complex and diversified jurisdiction, as is Latin America. Our complete understanding of the regulatory and tax environment of the twenty different countries that make up the region, allows us to implement personalized solutions in a compliant and tax efficient manner. We are highly sensitive to the cultural intricacies of each country and possess the language capabilities and business etiquette to successfully build long-term relationships and provide continuing value added.

Whether you are:

An affluent individual seeking to optimize your estate/business succession plan and minimize risk exposure or,

A financial institution or independent advisor interested in exploring the expansion of your services by offering a full spectrum of insurance based wealth protection solutions to your Latin American clientele or,

An insurance provider seeking to penetrate the Latin American region in a transparent and compliant manner

Mary Oliva's Wealth Protection Advisory team understands your goals are paramount and we are readily available to offer a vast array of products and services to meet the needs of all our clients. We customize each program to find the perfect fit.